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Learn investment concepts that have generated world class results: higher returns and lower risk for over 50 years.
STAG (Strongest Trending Assets Globally) and WWW (Wealth Without Worry) are do-it-yourself methods for investors in the UK or the US.
Simple enough for anyone to use. And you can hold them in your tax efficient ISAs or IRAs.

STAG strategy

designed for WEALTH GROWTH

Compound Annual Return+13%
Longest down period104 weeks

WWW strategy

designed for SAFETY and CONSISTENCY

Compound Annual Return+8%
Longest down period20 weeks


holding 60% Stocks / 40% Bonds

Compound Annual Return+7%
Longest down period122 weeks

60/40 is a typical financial advisor or pension fund portfolio.
Results are before costs. Actual results would be worse!

That extra few % Annual Return makes a huge difference over the long term.

The chart shows what $10,000 invested in 1969 would give if you invested it to present day using the simple STAG investment system rules.

STAG performance is the blue line.

US equities (S&P500 index tracker) is the red line.

Over the last half century, the worst drop for STAG was -30%. That's versus a worst drop of -55% in the stock market. So STAG is less risky too.

Following the STAG rules you would be many times richer than investing in a tracker fund or the portfolios typical of most financial advisors.

Results above are for the US since 1969 - the market with the longest history of fund data. The strategies have worked really well for UK investors too.